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The services at Drug Treatment Centers Newark are designed to save lives. In an aggressive approach to stem, the wave of drug overdose deaths, Newark law enforcement officers have been trained and equipped with Narcan, a medication capable of reversing the fatal effects of drug overdose. Newark County had a total of 87 fatal drug overdoses deaths within a two year period according to records compiled by the Newark County Medical Examiner's Office. While reversing near-fatal drug overdose deaths is a significant breakthrough, it does not address the core issues of addiction that will ultimately lead the individual back to the same drug that threatened their life.

To stop this deadly cycle of addiction, drug treatment facilities in the Newark area recommend that these overdose survivors seek professional help to effect a full recovery. Drug Treatment Centers in Newark can provide the most innovative and comprehensive treatment programs. The evidence-based programs effectively address specific challenges, help patients to establish new life goals and provide the tools to achieve them. Recovery also occurs in a safe, state of the art environment.

At intake, patients undergo a thorough physical and psychological assessment. The result of these evaluations enable the treatment team to create a profile and tailor a client centric rehabilitation program. As such, they provide both medical and psychotherapeutic care to treat the person, not just the addiction. They also offer a range of holistic, traditional and innovative treatment protocols that are designed to make the transition from addiction to recovery as effortless as possible.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Newark

What to Expect

The first step towards recovery usually begins with a medical detox. Halting drug use can cause various physical and psychological reactions. These are known as withdrawal symptoms and their effects are unpredictable and typically range from mild to severe. Because these symptoms can also escalate quickly and have resulted in numerous fatalities, halt chronic drug or alcohol abuse with medical oversight is always recommended.

Due to the severity of cravings and the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, most individuals who try to quit drug use on their own often relapse before toxins have been completely eliminated from the body. At Newark Rehabs they provide around-the-clock medical oversight where board certified detoxification specialists monitor and mitigate symptoms. Experienced treatment teams also have an emergency medical training to address serious health risks that develop during the withdrawal process. They are also able to administer medication as well as treat emotional and behavioral complications exacerbated by substance abuse. Symptoms of withdrawal have been known to cause seizures, heart attacks, pulmonary complications, paranoia and depressions so severe that it can lead to completed suicide.

Drug Treatment Programs

Addiction rehabilitation refers to the administration of a range of medical and therapeutic interventions that support and enable individuals to relinquish addictive behavior patterns. The most successful rehabilitation processes occur over a period of time and include primary, transitional and aftercare assistance. Programs offered at drug treatment centers Newark facilities include but are not limited to:

  • Individual, Group and Family Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Moral Reconation Therapy
  • Psychoeducational and Skills Development
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Spiritual Recovery
  • Relapse prevention education and training
  • Community support and aftercare transition planning

Although recovery from addiction is not a quick fix if addiction is left untreated or partially treated the alternative is an extremely poor quality of life or death through a number of scenarios. Research studies show that those who recover from addiction through long-term inpatient care are less likely to return to a substance abuse lifestyle.

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Benefits of Treatment

The benefits of alcohol and drug rehab in Newark, NJ, include reshaping your life and reclaiming a sober lifestyle once again. If you are battling both a drug and alcohol addiction, there is help available. Newark Drug Treatment Centers are equipped to identify and treat all facets of addiction. Finding a drug and alcohol treatment program that fits your needs and lifestyle is equally important. It is important to have a strong support system in place as you conquer your quest through alcohol addiction. This means including everyone in your day-to-day life in your recovery process as well. Encourage family members to attend group and family sessions with you. The more your support group is educated, the easier it will be for them to help you with your recovery.

Newark, located in the Gateway Region of New Jersey is the biggest city in the state. It is within close proximity to Manhattan and is sometimes referred to as being a part of the New York Metropolitan area. Newark is home to some of the largest financial corporations in the world such as PSEG and Prudential Financial, making it a golden opportunity for career advancement. With plenty of attractions to see and do, Newark is also home to some of the largest collections of Tibetan art, giving it a rich culture in which to explore. World-class Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish cuisine options are plentiful in many downtown dining neighborhoods. With such a diverse culture, there is something for everyone to explore.

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