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Ice Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Ice Addiction Recovery Process and Treatment...   For some people, ice addiction can occur after a single use. Anyone who has emotional issues or mental illness is a prime candidate for ice addiction. The user forgets about everything else and focuses on acquiring and using the drug. An inpat... Read More

What Is Bath Salt Abuse?

Get the 411 on exactly what is bath salt...   Bath salt is a new type of "designer" drug where a chemist makes a combination of drugs that a person uses to get high. However, this high has caused numerous people to make headlines for their drug abuse and the severe effects they caus... Read More

Addiction to Hydro Pills Fast Facts

Understanding Addiction to Hydro Pills...   Hydro pills are so potent that it is not uncommon for individuals to become trapped in the grips of addiction. It all begins with a prescription from a physician that leads to a chemical dependence, followed by a compulsive need to source more hydro... Read More

Dealing with an Alcoholic Loved One

It can be difficult dealing with a functioning alcoholic, read and find out how it can be possible......   It can be devastating to learn of the addiction of a loved one. Knowing what to do can be harder still, especially if the person in your life is a high-functioning alcoholic. Such an alc... Read More

Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms

Are you experiencing hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms? If so, this is the time to get the help you deserve...   Hydrocodone has turned out to be the most common opioid medication for pain management, available through a prescription. Because of its highly analgesic effect, partial sensory alte... Read More

Speedballing Dangers

Find out what the speedballing dangers are and how to help a loved one recover....   The term "speedballing" refers to an intravenous (injected) concoction made out of a stimulant - or upper - and a depressant - or downer. Combining cocaine and heroin, however, has been the most kno... Read More

Facilities specialized in Newark women's drug rehab

Gender-specific treatment programs like Newark women's drug rehab are available through numerous facilities. These programs help women to feel safe and cut down on potential distractions. They are also generally staffed by experts who are familiar with the unique circumstances that cause addicti... Read More

Newark Heroin Addiction Treatment Facilities

Heroin Addiction Treatment Facilities in Newark NJ...   Newark heroin addiction treatment facilities have become a necessary service due to the growing amount of addicts in the area. Heroin overdose rates are trending upwards both nationally and globally. Known deaths from narcotics use in th... Read More

Marijuana and Prescription Pills Cited as Cause in Rise of Shootings in Newark

Marijuana and prescription pill trafficking in Newark...   Marijuana and prescription pill trafficking in Newark have led shootings in the city to increase by nearly half in 2015. As of Aug. 9, there were 161 shootings in the city, a 45 percent rise from last year. New Jersey State Police tha... Read More

Drug Intervention

Drug Intervention Newark...   Many families are being torn apart because their loved ones are involved with drugs and alcohol. Parents become depressed because they cannot seem to pull their son or daughter from the grasp of an addiction. Husbands and wives feel like walking off on marriages ... Read More

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