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If you've made the decision to seek help for your addiction, it's important to compare different recovery programs before choosing a treatment plan. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment; your choice of recovery programs will depend on several factors, such as the substance of abuse, the extent of your addiction and your individual circumstances. Support is a key factor in success during treatment: Recovery programs based on the 12 steps can provide the structure and guidance needed to stay on track. At 12-step meetings, participants share their experiences and challenges; members who have maintained long-term sobriety can mentor newcomers who may have just completed rehab.

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Addiction Treatment Models

Most recovery programs feature therapies based on certain established treatment models. One of the most respected addiction treatment models is the cognitive-behavioral model. This form of treatment is a solution-oriented approach that has proven to be effective for many disorders, including addiction. Cognitive-behavioral therapy teaches patients how to identify unrealistic, distorted thinking. When they change the way they think, they can change their actions. CBT gets patients involved in their treatment: Patients work with their therapists to develop action plans where they implement the skills they learned in therapy.

Another popular model of addiction treatment is motivational interviewing. This patient-centered treatment style attempts to resolve ambivalence within a patient. Using a conversational approach, therapists help patients examine their ambivalence and discover their own desire to change. In motivational interviewing sessions, patients plan their changes and reinforce their commitment to this plan.

Motivational incentives are another model used at Addiction Treatment Centers Newark. This treatment model is based on a simple concept: The use of positive reinforcements can help patients stay motivated to complete their treatment programs and stay drug-free. Patients choose incentives to earn by finishing their course of treatment and maintaining their sobriety. Used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, motivational incentives can help patients stay focused on their recovery efforts.

Therapeutic Techniques

Some therapeutic techniques are evidence-based, while others may be classified as alternative treatments. One unique alternative technique that can be effective in addiction treatment is equine therapy. Many people mistakenly assume that equine therapy revolves around riding horses; however, the real benefits of the activity come from caring for the animals. Grooming the horses and assisting with their day-to-day care helps participants feel a sense of responsibility and empowerment. Through their relationship with the horse, patients develop a better understanding of themselves.

Another popular therapeutic technique used by rehab centers is biofeedback. In a typical biofeedback session, medical instruments are used to provide instant feedback about a participant's heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. Neurofeedback is a specific type of biofeedback that focuses on the brain's activity. Using information from an electroencephalography (EEG) machine, participants learn how to change their thinking patterns to feel calmer and manage cravings.

Art therapy has been used to treat many disorders, and it has become a popular offering at addiction treatment centers. This technique is typically used in conjunction with standard addiction treatments, such as psychotherapy and behavioral counseling. When patients have a difficult time putting painful feelings into words, art can provide a safe outlet for their emotions. You don't need any artistic skills or experience to participate in art therapy; instead, the focus is on self-expression. Art therapy can be performed in a group setting, which allows participants to grow closer to one another and share their feelings and experiences.

Many centers in the Newark area, use these and other alternative treatment methods.

To find the best rehabilitation treatment center and a program that works for your needs, call Drug Treatment Centers Newark today at (973) 679-3011.

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