Facilities specialized in Newark women's drug rehab

Gender-specific treatment programs like Newark women's drug rehab are available through numerous facilities. These programs help women to feel safe and cut down on potential distractions. They are also generally staffed by experts who are familiar with the unique circumstances that cause addiction in women and the difficulties they face in overcoming it.

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The Unique Challenges Women Face

Men and women metabolize drugs and alcohol in different ways. While men have higher overall rates of addiction, addiction develops much faster in women than it does in men. Aside from differences in body mass that cause smaller amounts of substances to hit women harder, women also lack a particular enzyme that aids in breaking alcohol down and making it less toxic.

Women are also statistically much more likely to have a co-occurring mental health disorder that is driving their substance abuse. They most commonly experience severe depression or anxiety that contribute to their substance abuse. They are also more likely to be influenced by doubt in the form of a critical internal voice that questions their capability.

Women also begin abusing substances due to different influences. A significant amount of women turn to substance abuse due to an abusive relationship, sexual abuse or being a victim of sex trafficking.

There are also a number of socioeconomic barriers that women face when seeking treatment. They may be pregnant, or have children to take care of. Or they may be grieving over loss of custody of a child. If they are fleeing an abusive relationship, women may also be entirely without resources.

Common Treatment Programs for Women

Gender-specific treatment programs consider the unique needs of women, usually providing some sort of child care and pregnancy services on-site as well as case management for dealing with issues such as child custody. Certain therapies, such as the use of the creative arts, are also commonly employed. Women who are experiencing an addiction issue should contact a licensed drug treatment center to go over their options with a professional.

To discuss your options, and find the right treatment center for your needs, call drug detox centers in Newark. You can also visit your local Narcotics Anonymous(http://www.usrecovery.info/NA/New-Jersey.htm) for more support.

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