Newark Heroin Addiction Treatment Facilities

Heroin Addiction Treatment Facilities in Newark NJ

Newark heroin addiction treatment facilities have become a necessary service due to the growing amount of addicts in the area. Heroin overdose rates are trending upwards both nationally and globally. Known deaths from narcotics use in the United States is tracked by the National Institutes of Health and the Drug Enforcement Agency. The trends for many once-popular drugs like cocaine have gone down with fewer users and lower overdose rates. With heroin, however, it's the opposite, with numbers increasing starting in 2010. The NIH data from 2013 shows heroin overdose rates in the U.S. have risen to over five times their 2001 numbers.

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Heroin and Opioids

The legally prescribed versions of heroin, called opioid analgesics, are used to treat addictions, but are also popular street drug alternatives when misused. Even so, the death and near-death overdose rates for these analgesics are also dropping, despite heroin use increasing. The NIH notes that until 2010, the rate of opiate use was steady with fewer users and lower heroin overdose rates.

Because global use of opiates is on the rise, finding the cause of this rising trend is difficult. In Western countries (North America, Europe), the assumption is that legally-prescribed opioid-derived drugs, which are also on the rise, may be contributing to addiction rates, causing some users to turn to the illicit option as a lower-cost alternative. This would explain why one of the fastest-growing demographics for heroin abuse and higher overdose rates are the wealthy and educated, normally not a risk group for opiate addiction.

In 2013, the average death rate from heroin use was 8 per 100,000 compared to the national heroin overdose rates of death at 2 per 100,000. This marks New Jersey as a high-use region, with heroin overdose killing people at rates higher than suicide, homicide, car accidents, or AIDS. According to NJ Advance Media, about one in every fifty heroin users (first time or long-time) in New Jersey will die this year.

A large portion of all overdose deaths in the United States are due to opiates, including heroin and morphine. These are considered some of the most dangerous drugs in use and their use is climbing, which means death rates are also going to rise.


Newark medical detox facilities wean patients off heroin and opioids under the supervision of addiction specialists. After treatment is complete, addicts are encouraged to attend therapy sessions and local Narcotics Anonymous ( meetings.

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