Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms

Are you experiencing hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms? If so, this is the time to get the help you deserve

Hydrocodone has turned out to be the most common opioid medication for pain management, available through a prescription. Because of its highly analgesic effect, partial sensory alteration and numbing sensation, it has become the most abused of them all, leading to the appearance of hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms in a large part of our society.

While hydrocodone pills are legally available through a medical prescription that has not stopped the growing epidemic of illegal distribution, which has led to an increase on hydrocodone addiction.

Because of the increase in illegal availability, it is no longer easy to track the actual usage that goes directly into patients with real pain management needs. Hydrocodone addiction is severe and can even be life threatening.

How addictive is hydrocodone may initially depend on the coveted side effects:

  • Euphoric state
  • Increased alertness
  • Increased concentration
  • Sudden mood changes
  • Increased stamina
  • Numbing of pain source

But, while these are only partial physical reactions caused by the drug, how addictive is hydrocodone has also a lot to do with the changes it causes in your brain.

When you consume hydrocodone pills, the drug interacts with the proteins in your brain and spinal cord (opioid receptors), interfering or blocking the pain signals that your body sends to your brain, blocking also your emotional reaction to it.

That blocking factor and the euphoric reaction, combined with an alteration of reality, is - centrally - the reason why we can understand how addictive is hydrocodone and why there is an increasing number of addicts that abuse the drug despite the many dangerous consequences.

To be able to get clean and overcome your addiction to hydrocodone pills, you need a complete and effective detoxification and rehabilitation treatment. When you go through detox, hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms are expected, which is why it is of outmost importance that you detox under medical supervision.

The most common hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Slower heartbeat
  • Irregular breathing
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Fear and depression
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tremors and seizures

While these hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms may seem mild, truth is they can change quite rapidly into life-threatening situations. If these symptoms are mishandled or untreated, they could lead to respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, coma and even death.

If you need the prescription for actual treatment, it is extremely important that you take your wellbeing and safety into consideration.

For once, it is highly recommended that you know and understand how addictive is hydrocodone and how it can affect your overall health if abused, secondly to stick to the prescribed dosage and usage and, thirdly, monitor (along with your doctor) changes in your pain to be able to safely reduce your dosage until you no longer need it.

Hydrocodone pills are prescribed because they actually work. But, not because of that, we have to forget how dangerous these and all other drugs are when mishandled and abused. Your wellbeing and your safety should always be the primary focus.

If you - or someone you love - has fallen prey of abuse and addiction, the important thing is to reach out and get help immediately. There are many high-quality and effective treatments available, which could help you regain control of your life.

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